Working on your Blog


Setting up your blog

To create a new blog click on the link at the bottom of any of these pages and follow the instructions.

Download this file – setting up your blog – for example pages

You can also look at this page layout chart

Using SlideShare

To use slideshare:

  1. Save PowerPoint (preferably as a pps)
  2. Open an account in slideshare  (
  3. Upload the PowerPoint to slideshare.
  4. Play the slide show
  5. Click the “share button” (top right of the slide)
  6. Copy the WordPress Shortcode in the third box down
  7. Go to your blog page, in edit mode, and paste the code into your page
  8. Update the page.

Correct font for Scripts

Scripts should really be presented in this font:

Do this by adding this code before your work after switching to the text tab – top right…

<h1 style=”font-family: courier;”>

Scene One: River Quayside Day

1. LS  The Girl (mother)

The Girl sits beside the river. On the soundtrack we here soft rock music. It is a calm sunny day.

2. BCU The Girl’s face

She close her eyes. She is sad.

3. BCU The girl’s hands.

She is holding a ring on a chain. She caresses it lovingly