The Importance of Sound

Remember that the soundtrack of your film is at least as important – arguably more important – than the visuals.

Your soundtrack will have many layers – audio tracks when you edit – which are mixed carefully together for the final result.  It is often difficult to get good sound when filming (particularly outside on location) so you will probably need to record separate sounds (effects and sometimes dialogue) to add to your film later. Concentrate on getting the pictures when filming.

Sound that naturally comes from the scene being watched is called DIEGETIC SOUND.   This will be dialogue, ambient sounds, sound effects (on and off camera), etc. This is sound that the characters in the film can hear.  It need not, and often isn’t recorded at the time of filming the action.

NON-DIEGETIC SOUND is sound that is added to enhance the mood which characters in the film cannot hear, particularly music but perhaps also a voice-over narration.

You will almost certainly need to use a combination of both in your final film.

Your sound should be planned in advance, just as your pictures are.

You will see how important sound is when you add some effects and music to your edited film. It will transport it to a new level.

It is bad practice, particularly in your A level work, to simply use an existing song as your soundtrack. Apart from copyright problems arising from using existing published music it is a lazy approach. You need to be as creative with your sounds as you are with your pictures and wherever possible generate your own sound clips, editing them with as much care as you do your pictures to enhance the overall effect.


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It is also important to record a few seconds of background noise in every location you work in.  This is necessary to make a professional and smooth soundtrack in post-production.

Read more about this here…




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