Research & Planning


This section of your work is worth 20% of the Foundation Portfolio Coursework module.

All the evidence for this must be presented on your blog.

The examiner says…

Research is a much abused term and often seems to be seen by students as doing some kind of survey and watching a few film openings chosen by the teacher. WARNING- this is not enough!

Research for this kind of project really means getting a full understanding of what the task involves by looking properly at real examples and at examples done by previous media students. A few years ago, this would have involved a big collection of VHS tapes but since YouTube came along, frankly, it’s all there on a plate for you to select from.

Preparing your Script

Before you can plan where, what and who  you are going to film (Location Research, Choosing Actors, etc.) you need a story and script…

Look here for the three essential documents that you must have.
Scenario, Screenplay and Shooting Script


There are three key areas of research that you should consider:

Preparing to Shoot (Planning)

This is the stage also known as Pre-Production. The primary concern at this stage is finding suitable locations and actors

You will also perhaps need to make a storyboard, describing and planning your shots, and complete more paperwork to help you when you are directing the film.  Have a look at the templates linked below and you will see what you need.

Complete these and scan them to insert into your blog when you do your shooting diary.

Preparing to Shoot (Scene Analysis)

It is import to analyse each of your scenes to maximise your message to your audience.   In particular you need to consider you mise-en-scène.

Narrative and the Construction of Meaning


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