March 2015


One week to go…

All films and evaluations must be finished by the end of term.

See presentation software for your evaluations here

Get ideas from these example evaluations



By now…

Your film should be shot and edited and the rest of your blog should be complete

Please look at these students blogs, which has been given by the examiner’s as a very good example of what is required…



Read this page now:

Film Openings, Hints, Tips and Examples


Assignment Two

Due in Friday 30th January

Complete 180 degree exercise

Write a short script, film and edit your preliminary exercise (worth 15 marks). For specification and advice look here.


Assignment One

Due in Friday 23rd January

Developing your Blog

Add a home page with at least one Photo and make a start on adding the other necessary pages.
See list of pages here and refer to other students blogs.