How this module is marked


Section B of Written exam

These comments are from the examiner.  It would be useful for you to think about them:

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to illustrate patterns of production, distribution, exchange and consumption through relevant case study examples and their own experiences as audiences.
Candidates may cover the use of convergent technology (convergence) in one or more of the following areas in their responses to the question:
  • Production practices which allow texts to be constructed for specific audiences
  • Distribution and marketing strategies to raise audience awareness of specific products or types of products
  • The use of new technology to facilitate more accurate targeting of specific audiences
  • Audience strategies in facilitating or challenging institutional practices.
Candidates should be given credit for their knowledge and understanding, illustrated through case study material, in any of these areas; there is no requirement that they should all be covered equally.
Examiners should also be prepared to allow points, examples and arguments that have not been considered if they are relevant and justified.
The marks are allocated like this:
  • Explanation/analysis/argument 20 marks
  • Use of examples 20 marks
  • Use of terminology 10 marks