The Music Industry – Things You Need To Know

Research into the Music Industry
Section B of the written exam



Things you need to know off by heart…


Research and Learn the name of the owner/founder of the business and where is it located in the country.

  • What type of music?  Jazz, rock, folk, classical, etc.
  • How many artists do they have?
  • Who are the audience for this music?

Class, age, gender, etc.

  • How do they produce their music?

Own studio, own production plant, cottage industry?

  • How do they promote and distribute their music?

Internet, concerts, advertising magazines?

  • How many customers (roughly?), sales turnover (roughly).
  • How do the customers for this music “consume” the music?

Internet downloads, CDs, radio, U Tube, illegally or legally, live concerts?


The Industry

As far as the industry is concerned:

  • How has it changed in recent years?
  • What impact has new technology (digital) had on the industry and way the music is consumed?  (this could come up as a question)

How many people have iPods or Mp3 players and primarily listen to music now alone (rather than in a room with other people)?

Is live music thriving – on the increase – or declining?  How does this effect sales and audience for the music?

How are artists/labels taking advantage of the internet to reach their audience?

  • Know about and talk about  Convergence and Vertical Integration
  • The problems of peer to peer file sharing (illegal) and mp3 downloading
    illegal and legal (iTunes, Tesco, HMV, Amazon as well as other smaller operations – probably one run by your chosen label)
  • How is the music industry dealing with illegal downloading?
  • Are there any advantages (yes there are)?  Is it all bad?



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