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This is a study of a particular record label within the contemporary music industry that targets a British audience, including its patterns of production, distribution, marketing and consumption by audiences.  This will be accompanied by study of the strategies used by record labels to counter the practice of file sharing and their impact on music production, marketing and consumption.

You will answer a written question (one essay) on this research in your exam next May.

This is an example of the sort of thing you might like to research…

The music Industry has 99 problems





You need an ‘understanding of contemporary institutional processes of production, distribution, marketing and exchange/exhibition at a local, national or international level as well as British audiences’ reception and consumption’ (from the exam spec)

The examiners want some emphasis on your own experience of being media consumer. The overall topic area is Institutions and Audiences so these key concepts should be at the heart of your case study.

You need to choose a record company to focus on…


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List of British Independent Record Labels





The impact of the internet is an important aspect of the music business and in particular your research should look at some of the strategies used by record labels to counter the practice of file sharing.



Please look at this site which has a wealth of research material



This blog is very interesting and useful when considering the commercial aspects of the task


Your Research

What your research should include

A Music Industry Timeline

Past exam questions


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Other Media and the Internet

Although you should focus on the music industry you should mention other media as well, where appropriate.   Check out these links.


Some Case Studies