Course Outline

The exam is the OCR Specification.

There are two major elements(or units) which you must complete for AS, they are each worth 50% of the marks.

The Coursework

G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media

This is a coursework unit where candidates produce two paired media artefacts from a series of briefs.
This process involves progression from a pre‐production, preliminary exercise to a more fully realised

The briefs offered are: print, video, audio and website.

This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated.

A written exam (June 2012)

G322:  Key Media Concepts (TV Drama)

This paper covers the two areas of  Textual Analysis and Representation (SECTION A)  and
Institutions and Audiences (SECTION B).

In Section A,  you will answer questions on an unseen moving image extract that is then linked to
some aspect of the representation within the sequence.

In Section B,you will write an essay about  a specific media industry, in our case the music industry. This section is all about Audiences & Institutions.

This unit is externally examined.